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Boho Small Glass Candle Holder Starter Set, Mixed Colors


About this ‘Small Glass Candle Holder Starter Set’:
Stock your shelves and get a mixture of our gorgeous glass candle holders to trial in your store with this convenient candle holder starter set. A colorful addition to your existing range of home décor, gifts or table decorations, these small candle holders have a unique design and can be used to hold wax candlesticks, tea lights or even small flowers. A great way for your customers to add a pop of color to their table settings or mantlepiece.

There are ways to fit a candle into a holder if it is too big. Try running the candle under hot water to soften the wax, this can help ease the candle into the holder. If this still doesn’t work, a paring knife can be used to gradually shave down the bottom of a dinner candle until it fits.

Contains a total of 8 candle holders

Each starter set includes:
2x Pink Glass Candle Holders (BOHO-PNK-SMLCNDLHOLD – 5052715133226)
2x Orange Glass Candle Holders (BOHO-ORG-SMLCNDLHOLD – 5052715133240)
2x Yellow Glass Candle Holders (BOHO-YEL-SMLCNDLHOLD –5052715132700)
2x Green Glass Candle Holders (BOHO-GRN-SMLCNDLHOLD – 5052715133233)

How to merchandise this ‘Small Glass Candle Holder Starter Set’:
These glass candle holders are perfect to sell all year round in any gift shop, home decor store or party store. Unsure of which colors to buy? This starter set is a great way to test products in your store before committing to a larger quantity. When you run out, simply top up with individual units of you and your customers favourites to keep up with demand. Ideal for first time buyers or traders with stores in multiple locations, each product is individually barcoded allowing you to merchandise these candle holders as you like in your online or physical store.

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