Wholesale Dipsticks Games for Kids and Adults – Talking Tables US Trade


The game of chance where nobody ever draws the short straw! We can guarantee there won’t be an awkward silence with our collection of Dipsticks games. Pick out a question stick to have your friends and family thinking, laughing, singing and even acting all night long as you shout out answers. The perfect games to play on family games night, at a dinner party or travel games to take on car journeys and vacation.

We have a whole variety of fun games to play on your next games night. For the quiz lovers, choose our ‘Shout Out’ game for trivia questions and answer on animals, people, travel and culture. Raise the volume with our music games and sing the first line of a song or answer music trivia on decades gone by. Alternatively, brush up on your acting skills for a game of charades and give an Oscar-worthy performance that you friends will talk about for years to come.

Don’t forget about the little ones! Our junior dipsticks range of games for kids is perfect for entertaining the kids on a rainy day. Choose from our child friendly drawing game, ‘What Am I’ guessing game or charades game for kids. Alternatively, spark some family rivalry and try to beat the parents with our ‘Kids vs Grown Ups’ dipsticks game to liven up any Saturday night.

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