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Easy Peasy Family Fun, Pet Shout Out Dipsticks


About this: Easy Peasy Family Fun, Pet Shout Out Dipsticks:
From the youngest child to grandpa, everyone will be entertained by our Pet Shout Out Dipsticks game. Each plastic-free tube contains 80 dipsticks, with 160 pet shout outs. To play, dip in, pick a stick and be the first to shout out a correct answer to win the stick. The player with the most sticks wins. Suitable for age 3+, this game would make a great birthday gift for the little people in your customers’ lives.

Recommended for age: 3+

2+ Players
Comes in POS of 8 tubes
POS unit size: H 14cm x W 11.5cm x D 22.5cm
Tube size: H 13.7cm x D 5.5cm

Plastic free

Once the game’s been played: It can be enjoyed on rainy afternoons, Christmas and family get togethers for years to come.

Product: Designed to last
Packaging: Designed to last

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Plastic Free

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