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Boho Cool Colored Spiral Candles - 4 Pack


About these ‘Blue Spiral Candles’:
Wax candlesticks continue to be a popular interior trend and these simple yet sophisticated spiral candles are a fun and unique take on the traditional straight dinner candle. Coming in a pack of 4 with candlesticks in navy blue and mint green, add these twisted candles to the candle, gifting or home decor sections of your store. Each candlestick has been carefully crafted into a twisted shape and has a long burn time of up to 6 hours. Showcase within a Boho or Mediterranean display in your spring and summer ranges or add into your core collections of candles to sell all year round.

Candle Size: Each candle is 10" in height
Pack Size: Contains 4 candlesticks - 2x navy blue and 2x mint green

How to merchandise these ‘Blue Spiral Candles’:
In a striking blue packaging, these twisted candles are sure to catch the eye of shoppers old and young. Lovely for stocking in home interior stores, gift shops and small independent retailers, display these colorful candlesticks out of pack in our glass candle holders or fill a shelving unit with the orange, pink, mint green and purple candles that are available in the same range.

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