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Boho Paisley Indoor Outdoor Rug


About this ‘Paisley Print Outdoor Rug’:
Featuring a double-sided paisley print design, this colorful rug makes a pretty and practical addition to an indoor or outdoor space whatever the season. A stylish way to bring the shades of summer into your store, this boho rug is sure to brighten up your customers homes and looks just as good on a patio as it does in a kitchen or utility room. A great addition to your spring and summer collections, this waterproof rug is lightweight making it perfect to roll up and take to the beach, camping or use as a picnic rug - no need to worry about stains or drink spills.

Material: Made from 100% polypropylene

Rug Size: 47" x 70"

How to merchandise this ‘Paisley Print Outdoor Rug’:
In vibrant shades of pink, orange and yellow, this paisley print rug is ideal to sell in a home decor store or gift shop. Display alongside our other colorful outdoor rugs for your customers to pick their favorite or merchandise with our matching fabric bunting and paisley tablecloth to inspire a bright boho display in your online or physical store.

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