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Midnight Forest Wooden Snowflake Christmas Garland - 6.5ft


About this 'Wooden Snowflake Christmas Garland’:
Give the planet a reason to celebrate this holiday season with our rustic wooden Christmas decorations. We’ve swapped out plastic and glitter-coated decorations for sustainable ornaments that don’t skimp on style. Featuring a chain of intricately cut wooden snowflakes, this Christmas garland can be woven around a Christmas tree or strung up around the house for that festive flourish.

Garland size: 6ft 5" with 12 snowflake pennants

How to merchandise this 'Wooden Snowflake Christmas Garland’:
This wooden Christmas garland is a great way for party stores, garden centers and independent retailers to offer eco-friendly decorations to their customers. Hang these snowflakes in your window, along a table display or by the checkouts to help get everyone into the holiday spirit.

How to dispose of this 'Wooden Snowflake Christmas Garland’:
Designed with the planet in mind, this snowflake garland can be packed away and reused by customers for many Christmases to come.

Product: Reusable
Packaging: Widely Recycled

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