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Midnight Forest Burgundy Red Glass Candlestick Holder


About this ‘Burgundy Red Glass Candlestick Holder’:
Tempt your customers to trade in their traditional metal candle holders for a modern twist on the classic. This contemporary glass candle holder is ready to revamp any holiday display within your store and makes a fabulous addition to any range of home decor, gifts or table decorations. Flipping the script on worn out ornaments, this dark red candlestick holder will wow guests when placed on your customers’ mantels, dining tables or cabinets. Designed to hold a dinner candle or candlestick, this vibrant piece will sit comfortably on any flat surface and is sure to make a lasting impression.

There are ways to fit a candle into a holder if it is too big. Try running the candle under hot water to soften the wax, this can help ease the candle into the holder. If this still doesn’t work, a paring knife can be used to gradually shave down the bottom of a dinner candle until it fits.

Candle Holder Size: 5" high and holds 0.8" candle depth and width

How to merchandise this ‘Burgundy Red Glass Candlestick Holder’:
With its deep burgundy color, this glass candlestick holder looks great paired alongside fall-themed home decor in shades of red and orange or as a standalone Christmas centerpiece. We love to merchandise it with our other varieties of glass candle holders to add dimension or change up its position in a display of Christmas decor and table decorations.

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