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Blue Floral Paper Napkins - 20 Pack


About these 'Recyclable Blue Floral Paper Napkins’:
Featuring cool wintry tones and a modern block print design, these blue floral napkins make stunning decorations on a holiday table or the ideal craft supplies for decoupage. With hints of yellow, white and gold contrasted against a navy background, they will add a touch of brightness to your customers’ dinner parties but still complement darker color schemes. Great for eco-conscious customers, these paper napkins are recyclable and plastic free; hosting a sustainable Christmas celebration has never been easier.

Napkin size: 13" x 13" unfolded
Pack size: 20 paper napkins + 1 extra

How to merchandise these 'Recyclable Blue Floral Paper Napkins’:
Ideal for bakeries, party or gift stores, garden centers and independent retailers that want to offer eco-friendly supplies, these recyclable napkins are a stylish and sustainable addition to any party aisle. Merchandise across different tableware collections or alongside our navy home accessories and candle holders to inspire elegant dinner table looks for your customers to rock this holiday season.

How to dispose of these 'Recyclable Blue Floral Paper Napkins’:
There’s no need to leave the planet feeling blue. These sustainable floral napkins are designed to be recyclable and the packaging is plastic free. In place of a plastic wrap, we’ve included one extra napkin at the front of the pack that will protect the others and can then be recycled. Check out our eco page to shop our other eco-friendly party supplies and learn more about our eco initiatives.

Product: Widely Recycled
Packaging: Widely Recycled

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We know you want to party like there is a tomorrow so we're working hard on making everything we sell as kind to the planet as possible.


Plastic Free

There's no plastic in this product, how fantastic.

Home Recyclable

Recycle me and I'll be created into something new.


The paper in this product is FSC approved, coming from sustainably managed forests.

Tree Planting

We're giving back to mother nature by offsetting the paper used in this product with tree planting.


Plastic Free

There's no plastic in this packaging, how fantastic.

Home Compostable

Enhance your hosting and then your soil quality with our home compostable products.


The paper in this packaging is FSC approved, coming from sustainably managed forests.

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