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Phenomenal Women Bingo Game


About this 'Phenomenal Women Bingo Game’:
Up your knowledge of some of the most phenomenal women in the world in this modern take of bingo. With over 40 incredible women, from Frida Kahlo to Anna Wintour, fill out your game card with their names and their achievements, whilst learning on the way.

Contents includes:
An Instruction booklet, 400x Bingo Sheets, 48x Calling Cards, 1x List of Call Outs, 1x Collection Sheet and 4x Wooden Pencils

Recommended for age 7+ and 2+ players.

How to play this 'Phenomenal Women Bingo Game’:
You will need to nominate a bingo caller for the game, they will draw the cards from the bag and call out the number and corresponding fact, each number relates to a phenomenal woman. Like bingo, the first player to cross off all the numbers on their sheet shouts out “BINGO” to win the game.

How to merchandise this 'Phenomenal Women Bingo Game’:
Merchandise in your games section or sit with the rest of our Phenomenal women collection, including puzzles, trivia game and notebook.

Discover our Phenomenal Women and their history.

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