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Party Safari Happy Birthday Candle


About this Party Safari Happy Birthday Candle:
Light up the cake and put a smile on your customers’ faces with this party safari birthday candle. Featuring multicolored ‘Happy Birthday’, text and a monkey in a party hat – what else - it will bring instant cheer to both kids’ and adults’ birthday celebrations.

Pack size: 1
Candle size: 11 x 10cm

When the party is over: The only exception here is if “For he’s/she’s a jolly good fellow”, goes on for too long, but the candle should be able to be put back in the box and reused again.

Product: General waste
Packaging: Home recyclable

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We know you want to party like there is a tomorrow so we're working hard on making everything we sell as kind to the planet as possible.


Plastic Free

There's no plastic in this product, how fantastic.

General Waste

Not quite everything is sustainable yet but we're working on it.


Plastic Free

There's no plastic in this packaging, how fantastic.

Home Recyclable

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