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Orange and Multi-coloured Birthday Number Candles Starter Set 0-9


About this bright number candle starter set:
Give your customers funky number candles to celebrate any milestone birthday with this starter set of number candles. Buy all the numbers in one go with extra popular numbers so you don’t run out too quickly. Then when you need to top up on individual numbers you can add them to your next order.

Includes 30 multi-colored number candles:
6 x BDAY-CANDLE-ORG-0 - 5052715144116
4 x BDAY-CANDLE-ORG-1 - 5052715144123
4 x BDAY-CANDLE-ORG-2 - 5052715144130
3 x BDAY-CANDLE-ORG-3 - 5052715144147
3 x BDAY-CANDLE-ORG-4 - 5052715144154
2 x BDAY-CANDLE-ORG-5 - 5052715144161
2 x BDAY-CANDLE-ORG-6 - 5052715144178
2 x BDAY-CANDLE-ORG-7 - 5052715144185
2 x BDAY-CANDLE-ORG-8 - 5052715144192
2 x BDAY-CANDLE-ORG-9 - 5052715144208

Candle Size: 3in height

Product: general waste
Packaging: widely recycled

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