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Host Your Own Pub Quiz Game


About this 'Pub Quiz Game’:
An update on the classic pub quiz, we’ve give this quiz game a makeover with brand new question topics fro your customers to enjoy. Including categories like ‘Guess the Dish’ and ‘Where in the World’ alongside a QR music round and even a ‘Dingbats’ round of word puzzles, this quiz is designed to appeal to all types of thinkers - from visual to auditory. An entertaining addition to the games section of your store, this host your own pub quiz game makes a great Christmas gift or holiday dinner table activity and will be a games night favorite. With over 400 trivia questions covering ten subjects, including sports, movies, music and general knowledge, this quiz game has something for everyone and is sure to be a hit in your store.

Contents includes:
An Instructions Booklet, 42x Quiz Question Cards, 6x Joker Cards, 2x Props, 1x Gameplay Pad, 1x Answer Pad, 1 x Rules of Play, 1x Scoreboard Poster and 1x Chalk

Recommended for age 16+ and 2+ players.

How to play this 'Pub Quiz Game’:
With multiple categories that allow everyone to bring their subject knowledge to the table, we’ve designed this pub quiz to be played in teams. Once teams have been decided and team names chosen, hand out an answer sheet, joke card, map sheet and dingbat sheet to each team and hang up the scoreboard within view of all players. Elect a quizmaster to read out the questions and give teams a short time to confer before writing down their answer on the answer sheet. At the end of each round, mark your answers and update the scoreboard to see which team is forging ahead. We’ve even included a card trophy to award to the winning team of trivia champions.

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Love it. Use it. Keep it. If it can't be recycled we make sure it's built to last.

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