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Everyone's Welcome 80 Dishes Food Trivia Game


About this food trivia game:
Complete the Everyone’s Welcome range with our new 80 Dishes Around the Table trivia game. Foodie lovers can put their knowledge to the test with our broad selection of cuisine related questions from various countries across the globe. The game will gather families and friends around the dinner table, and it’s guaranteed that will have fun whilst learning something new.

Do you know… which Spanish city gives its names to the bitter oranges used to make marmalade? Or what country does the word 'mocha' come from?

Pack size: 80 questions

How to merchandise this food trivia game:
Pair with the rest of the Everyone's Welcome range including the disposable tableware and decorations to inspire your customers to host wonderful dinner parties, big birthday celebrations or fun-filled picnics in the summer.

How to dispose of this food trivia game:
Enjoy, replay and give away. This moto is used for all of our games, and you should encourage your customers to never throw away the trivia game but pass it on to family members or friends.

Product: reusable
Packaging: widely recycled

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