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Escape Room - Marrakesh Edition


About Escape Room - Marrakesh Edition:
Following our bestselling Kyoto Escape Room game, this is our second city themed escape room title. This time the action takes place in the back streets of Marrakesh, in a game that will challenge and delight your customers. The concept sees the discovery of an ancient and powerful time-controlling relic, the Eye of Marrakesh. Unfortunately, the sinister Sand Serpents mob want to misuse its potent power. Players must navigate through Marrakesh’s markets, and decode 10 intricate puzzles in tiles, maps, rugs and pottery to thwart the evil Sand Serpents. This game includes a video introduction and innovative games including heat reactive technology.

This thrilling race against time is a collaborative game for players aged 9+ years.

Escape Room Contents:
1 Instruction Booklet
1 Notepad
10 Puzzles
4 Vellum Sheets

How to merchandise Escape Room - Marrakesh Edition:
We recommend a dedicated games section, with a selection of our different escape rooms and strategy games. 

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