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Christmas Family Who Am I Game - POS Unit


About Christmas Family Who Am I Game - POS Unit:
Keep guests guessing over Christmas dinner with this classic Who Am I? game. In our version each player puts on a pair of specs - included in the box - and takes a card featuring the name of a famous person, fictional character or historical figure. Placing this card on their glasses, players must take turns asking questions to try to guess who they are. The game continues until each name is correctly identified. This Who Am I? game puts a festive spin on the original by using famous personalities related to the Christmas season.

Game Contents:
80 Cards
8 Pair of Glasses

Arriving in a POS unit containing six games, this makes for a fantastic addition to your games, trivia and small gift offering.

How to merchandise Christmas Family Who Am I Game - POS Unit:
Arriving in its own neat POS unit, this is a great option to have on shelves near other games and trivia or on counter tops. 

A great way to showcase the Christmas Family Who Am I? Game is by displaying sample cards and glasses on a Christmas table for customers to try out some of the names in the game before they buy.

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