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Truly Bunny Pastel Table Decorations - 5 Pack


About these 'Pastel Easter Bunny decorations’:
There's nothing cuter than Easter bunnies in the spring time. Coming in a pack of 5, this family of pastel color bunny decorations make an adorable addition to your stores range of Easter decorations. Ideal for customers to hide in the backyard or around the house as clues to direct kids on an Easter Egg hunt. Reuse year after year as Easter decorations or as home décor in a child's bedroom.

Decorations size: 3"
Pack size: 5 Bunny decorations

How to merchandise these 'Pastel Easter Bunny decorations’:
Perfect for party stores, gift shops or independent retailers, create an Easter display in your online or physical store and merchandise with our other Easter decorations and activities including our easy Easter crafts for kids and best-selling grass table runner.

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