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Home Recyclable Eco Cups

Home Recyclable Eco Cups

Be fantastic, reduce plastic! Did you know that the plastic or wax coatings used in most paper cups means they cannot be recycled and will end up in landfill? Talking Tables range of home recyclable eco cups are different. Made with water-based ink and completely plastic free, our cups are not only eco-friendly but easily recyclable – just rinse and pop them in the bin along with the card and paper when you’re done partying the night away!

Being more eco-friendly really is that simple. We know you don’t always want to break out the fine China and glassware for a party, especially when the little ones our around. Instead, opt for one of our patterned disposable cups to serve up your favourite soft drinks or sip on cocktails in the sun.

Available in a range of sizes, designs and colours our party cups are far from your traditional kraft recyclable paper cups which are beige and boring! From dinosaur cups for a kid’s party to brightly coloured cups for a BBQ; we’ve got the drinks covered whatever the occasion.

Pick your favourite home recyclable paper cup and pair with our eco-friendly party supplies for a green party the planet will thank you for.
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