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Forest Christmas Paper Tape - 3 Pack


About Forest Christmas Paper Tape - 3 Pack:
Our Gift Kindly three pack of Christmas paper tape coordinates with our best-selling Midnight Forest collection but also works as a standalone for any festive gifting. The pack contains two forest themed designs on contrasting backgrounds (dark green and white) and a red tape that works as an alternative to a gift tag. As part of our new Gift Kindly collection, it is plastic-free and recyclable.

How to merchandise Forest Christmas Paper Tape - 3 Pack:
Merchandise alongside the Midnight Forest collection or within your gift wrapping section – or both.

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We know you want to party like there is a tomorrow so we're working hard on making everything we sell as kind to the planet as possible.


Plastic Free

There's no plastic in this product, how fantastic.


The paper in this product is FSC approved, coming from sustainably managed forests.

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