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Midnight Forest Burgundy Red Glass Candle Holder


About this ‘Small Burgundy Red Glass Candle Holder’: With its deep burgundy shade and ribbed glass pattern, this red candle holder offers a touch of Christmas magic to your store’s assortment of home decor, gifts and table decorations. The timeless silhouette and vibrant color are sure to be a big hit with anyone in the market for some holiday cheer. Designed to hold a dinner or taper candle, this dynamic item looks fabulous center stage in a Thanksgiving spread, a harvest display or a Christmas window.

There are ways to fit a candle into a holder if it is too big. Try running the candle under hot water to soften the wax, this can help ease the candle into the holder. If this still doesn’t work, a paring knife can be used to gradually shave down the bottom of a dinner candle until it fits.

Candle Holder Size: 2.5" high and holds 0.8" candle depth and width

How to merchandise this ‘Small Burgundy Red Glass Candle Holder’: Whether you are selling your goods online or in store, these ornaments are sure to impress. We love to display this red glass candle holder alongside traditional red and green Christmas decorations for that festive feel. Browse our range of candle holders to discover more colors, sizes and styles fit for every occasion.

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