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Host Your Own Bingo


About this 'Bingo Game’:
An essential in your games range, this classic bingo game allows your customers to recreate the fun of the bingo hall in their own home. We've included a metal bingo wheel and sheet of bingo calls for you to play along in the traditional way or put your own twist on the calls if you have a natural bingo banterer in your midst! Great for entertaining kids, adults and grandparents - it's the perfect accompaniment to a family games night or evening of entertainment with friends. Our best-selling 'Host Your Own' games range is comprised of traditional board games and unique party games to play in the comfort of your own home. Available in quantities of four, this bingo game is perfect to sell in a gift shop, lifestyle store or online games store.

Contents includes:
1x Metal Bingo Wheel, 75x Bingo Number Balls, 1x Bingo Ball Tray, 18x Bingo Number Sheets, 125x Tokens and a Bingo Calls Phrase Sheet

Recommended for age 6+ and 3+ players.

How to play this 'Bingo Game’:
A family favorite, this rules of this bingo game are simple. Nominate a bingo caller to turn the wheel and hand out a number sheet to each player. As the wheel spins, a ball will be released which the caller reads aloud along with the tradition bingo lingo to match. If your number is called, cross it off your sheet or cover with a token. Race to win a line before the other players or go for a full house and declare your win by shouting bingo!

How to merchandise this 'Bingo Game’:
Coming in a bright and colorful box, this bingo game makes an eye-catching addition to a shelving unit or will stop your customers in their tracks when displayed on a free standing table. Merchandise with our other 'Host Your Own' party games and board games including our murder mystery and escape room games for a unique offering in your games, gifting or Christmas sections.

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